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Play Mor

Pug & Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever

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Puppies after Scherb

Meggi & Scherb
6,5 weeks old

Szczeniaki Scherb Meggi violet Szczeniaki Scherb Meggi violet

Szczeniaki Scherb Meggi violet

Szczeniaki Scherb Meggi blue Szczeniaki Scherb Meggi blue

Irma & Scherb
7 weeks

Szczeniaki Scherb Asta 7 wks Szczeniaki Scherb Asta 7 wks

Nelka & Scherb

Szczeniaki Scherb Nelka Szczeniaki Scherb Nelka

Aquador Morgana

Aquador Morgana Aquador Morgana Aquador Morgana

Aquador Morgana

Aquador Morgana

Aquador Morgana - 4 months at the picture
Now 6 months old and went on her first SKK CACIB MyDog show in Gothenburg 3-4 January 2103 - Best female puppy ( out of 8) first day and Second best on the second day.
Owner: Emma Brantsjö, Handler: Caroline Christensen, Breeder Anna Linderhed

Scherb puppy Aquador Morgana 7 months

Puppies in Lorca's kennel Sweden

Lorca's Lorca's

Lorca's Lorca's

Puppies in Tjotte kennel, Sweden

Tjottes Wanna B Famous

Tjottes Woow Eyecatching

Tjotte pups Tjotte pups

Tjotte pups

Tjottes WANNA B FAMOUS, 6 months old


News on Scherb puppies:

-August 1st 2013-

Today we celebrate! The whole litter of seven puppies ( Father: SE (u)CH NO UCH PLCH Labry Berry Scherbet at Play Mor. Mother: Aquador Ilythia) are now x-rayed on hips and ellbows.
Aquador Magic HD B ED 0
Aquador Merlin HD A ED 0
Aquador Mithian HD A ED 0
Aquador Mordred HD A ED 0
Aquador Morgaine HD A ED 0
Aquador Morgana HD A ED 0
Aquador Morgausse HD B ED 0


- June 2013-
Tjottes Woow Eyecatching

CC BOB BIS-Junior & BIS:2 at 9 months !!!


-Marz 2013-
Aquador MERLIN
4-6 months - BOS PUPPY
6-9 months - BIS-1 Puppy!!!  

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